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From: "Eisenhower Reunions - Class of 1996" <ehscontact96@gmail.com>
Subject: 20 Year Reunion Planning Begins!
Date: July 14th 2015

A committee has been formed to plan the 20 year reunion! Details will be forthcoming, but the date is targeted to be sometime in the Summer of 2016.

Committee members are:

Myiesha Majors
Catrice Kobe-Lover Mitchell
Rebecca Clark
Rochelle Wright
Anita Norris-Carter
Tamara Washington
Jaymee Vixie Uhler-Bingham
Porsha Wedlow

A Facebook Group has been created to start getting in contact with everyone from our class: https://www.facebook.com/groups/353820521492437/

Please join the group and pass on the link to anyone you know from our class.

For those who would rather get information outside of Facebook, I will send out pertinent information through this mailing list.

Rebecca (Pease) Pritchett
Class of 1996